The new management, resting on the sturdy shoulders of a visionary, entrepreneur Rajeevkumar Vedparkash Mehra, restructured the business vertical of Vipra such that from Rs 2 lakhs per annum, the income of the company rose to Rs. 133 lakhs per annum in 2018-19 with a profit of Rs. 42.01 lakhs.

Mehra’s JVD Recovery Agency Ltd, the flagship company that hand holds Vipra since (2014) is a frontrunner in its field of work. Over the last 22 years, Mehra has taken JVD to the pinnacle of the recovery sector, with deep knowledge and reliable capital. That very same knowledge he has used to grow roots for Vipra in a business that is risky but very rewarding when done keeping people and social impact in mind.


Vipra’s logo denotes ‘Joy’ and we as a company aim to improve the standard of living of our precious customers, providing them with that elusive joy. Social impact is a big driving force in our organization.

To look at things from a mathematical perspective, Vipra’s paid up capital was Rs 2 crore till the year 2019 and its net worth was estimated at Rs 2.86 crore. In the next two years, we envision a growth in that number by Rs 4 crores by broadening our horizons from Gujarat to the western state of Maharashtra. While we are chalking out six new branches in the immediate future, we will limit our brick and mortar centres to the main urban areas only.

We will be extending our dealer tie-ups for consumer loans, like the one we have successfully achieved with Vastu Sales Corporation. Going by the unique needs of every location we work in, new products will continue to be introduced.

Our research has led us to understand the varied needs of a modern India that might be living in the sidelines but still has aspirations. So Vipra has begun offering finance for purchase of mobile handsets, electronic items, two-wheeler vehicles and furniture to this income group (EWS and LIG). We have identified several reputed store locations to roll out this finance scheme.

We will soon begin investing in automation to cater to this sector’s growing business needs.