Rajeevkumar Vedparkash Mehra

A well known and trustworthy name in recovery services to several prestigious banks/FIs/ARCs, Mehra is associated with resolution of big ticket size NPAs and has used his two decades long leadership in the field in developing JRAL

Chetna Rajeevkumar Mehra

With 12 years of experience in impeccable administrative work, Mehra oversees banking transactions, dealings and recovery related matters of all the group companies.

Consultant, Advisor
K K Nair

A senior retired banker with 40 years of experience in leading PSBs, Nair provides advice on strategy, planning, ALM, funding, operations, risk management and compliance matters of Vipra.

Vice president
Girish S. Shah

With 36 years of experience in banking, especially in the department of credit approvals, monitoring and documentation, Shah watches over the day to day activities of the company since its takeover by the current management. A member of CREC, Shah’s keen eye and seasoned background helps in accurate selection and sanctions to new borrowers.

Independent Director
Arunkumar Sharma

An established name in finance, Sharma has vast experience in the field of loan syndication, mergers, acquisitions, takeovers and valuations.